Sunday, August 2, 2009

Are angelfish and gouramies compatible?

I have 2 blue gouramies, 2 paradise gouramies, and 2 kissing gouramies in a 55 gal tank. Thinking about buying Angelfish, are they compatible?
They can be, and they reach a large enough size to hold their own against the other fish in your tank. With enough semi aggressive fish, you can usually diffuse localized aggression towards any single fish. You can also re arrange the aquascaping to change any established territories or add more plastic/live plants to add more hiding places. A larger tank may also allow each fish to claim a territory, but in a 55 gallon that'll probably be hard. You're more than likely to see a squabble or two every now and then, but as long as there's no serious aggression it should be fine.

if anything, remove any overly aggressive fish. also you might want to keep your eye out for the kissing gouramis as they can get pretty big.
We had two gouramies, along with some tetras, and two angel fish which seemed to cohabitate for about two years. So I would say yes.
I think they are try to get one and see what happens.
they can be but i know the kissing are very aggressive and so are the angelfish so they may fight. if you have that big a tank you might be able to get away with it but stir up the tank when you add them so everybody is on the same plane and has to reestablish territory
Yes, as long as they don't have family planning in mind.
Yeah, I think so. Here's a site I found suggesting the two to be kept together in a community tank:
I wouldnt do it,they are nippy and might nip at angels fins. I used to breed angelfish and I wouldnt want anything to harm them.
The kissing gouramies are far more aggressive than the blue or paradise gouramies. They would be okay with the semi-aggressive angelfish, but the docile blue and paradise gouramies might get bullied. In that big tank, they could be okay if you provide hiding spots. Angelfish are hard to keep alive, though. If you try them, add one at a time, and don't be too disappointed if they croak.
I dont think so because the fish you have now are classified as aggresive fish and an angelfish is the end the fish you have now would kill the angelfish you may want to think about adding a parrotfish they are colorful and aggresive
I have a blue and gold gourami and angel fish for the last 4 years without any problems.
In most cases yes but that all depends on the size of the gourami and angelfish if the gourami are bigger they will kill the angelfish, the blue/opaline gourami when they get bigger are exspecially aggressive. I wouldnt reccomend putting in baby angelfish with them at all, you would have to buy the meduim to large sized angelfish, which can be very exspensive. Being that you have a 55 gallon tank if you are smart with your choise in size of angelfish you will be ok.
They can be - especially if they are introduced to the tank at the same time - to pull off a "tank move" rearrange the decor in your tank, it gives the fish an illusion of entering a new tank - it should help ease the introduction process..
Yes they are. I have 3 blue gouramis and an angelfish and they never bother my angelfish. They pick on each other and my Betta(had to take him out)

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